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BBC News omits race hate aspect of murder of White

In Man charged over stabbing murder, one can read the following:
A man has been charged with the murder of a keen photographer on South Tyneside.

On Saturday, Northumbria Police charged Scott Trevor Nicholls, 20, of Borough Road, South Shields, with murder.

Mr Nicholls will appear at South Tyneside Magistrates Court on Monday.

Shortly after the killing three men were arrested on suspicion of murder and released on police bail. One of the men was re-arrested on Friday.
BBC News seems to have “forgotten” to mention a pivotal aspect of the story, which The Daily Telegraph refers to in the title of its article covering the story, Police re-arrest man over 'race hate' killing, the article from which the following excerpts are taken:
A man has been re-arrested over the suspected race hate killing of a photographer who was stabbed through the heart after leaving home to take pictures of snow-covered hills.

She added that detectives had not ruled out a racist motive as Lee and his mother had both made previous complaints of racial abuse outside their home in King George Road, South Shields.

As part of the murder inquiry detectives are investigating a number of alleged racial incidents at the family home where Lee lived with his 53-year-old mother Barbara Yusuf Porter, who is of Somali descent.

CCTV footage has shown youths walking past the home making inflammatory gestures and swastikas have previously been scrawled on the property.
Why does BBC News think that the suspected motive for the murder, race hate, isn’t worth reporting? Ah, of course, ethnic minorities can’t be racist, only Whites can!


Anonymous english kaffir said...


Britain's heavy controlled Politically Correct mass media continue to ignore one of the most unpleasant cases of suspected racist murder - which probably involved gang rape as well. 14-year-old Charlene Downes is believed by Blackpool police to have been turned into kebabs and tile grout after her disappearance in November 2003. Two Muslim men - one a former social worker - have been charged with her murder or with assisting in the disposal of her body. The combination of murder, the appalling likelihood that scores of unwitting customers actually ate Charlene, and the unasked question as to whether this was another case involving the grooming for sex and drugs of a young white girl by a Muslim sex predator gang should have made this killing national front page news. But, with the sole exception of the Metro (Manchester version) Friday 10th March 2006 (report reproduced here) not one significant newspaper has even mentioned Charlene and her terrible fate. Perhaps this will change when her alleged killer and his accomplice come to full trial. But the media bias is already all too clear. Cases such as the murder of Anthony Walker became national news within hours of their murder, running with ever-increasing media frenzy until - and beyond - the actual trial of his moronic drug-using killers.... Metro report:
"The body of a missing schoolgirl may have been turned into burgers and kebabs and served up at a seaside fast food outlet. Police fear the remains of 14 year old Charlene Downes, who went missing in November 2003, may also have been ground up into tile grout. Iyad Albattikhi, 28, who ran the Funny Boyz takeaway in Blackpool, is charged with her murder. The co-owner of the business Mohammed Raveshi, a 49 year old former social services worker and foster father, is charged with assisting in the disposal of her body. The men appeared at a hearing at Blackpool maistrates court yesterday. The teenager whose body has never been found left home on Halloween saying she was meeting friends on Blackpool's North Pier. It was initially thought Charlene, a pupil at St George's Church of England High School, had run away. Appeals for her to come forward were subsequently posted in missing persons' columns. However six months after her disappearance police searched freezers at three Blackpool curry houses looking for her remains. During the investigation some 3000 men were DNA tested and a TV appeal for information was broadcast on the BBC's Crimewatch show. Darren Day, Charlene's favourite West End performer, even made a plea for help in finding her. During the ten minute hearing yesterday the two accused, who were flanked in the secure dock by four security officers, spoke only to confirm their names and ages and to state that they understood the charges against them. Neither of the defendant's lawyers applied for bail.

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Blogger Edwin Greenwood said...

It's not at all clear whether the "hate issue" is (indirect) white on black, ie whites attacking Phipps as a proxy because his mother (and presumably he, though he doesn't look it) is mixed-race, or black on white, ie blacks attacking Phipps for the same reason. Do you have any further links?

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