Tuesday, April 11, 2006

BBC News endorsement of illegal immigrants rights protestors

Matt Frei’s diary on the subject was bad enough.

In Immigrants find strength in numbers, one can read the following endorsement of illegal immigrants rights protestors:
Anywhere else and you might have expected to see vast numbers of police.

[Image of protestors in Los Angeles, the caption of which is: “The protesters' slogans are inclusive and non-confrontational”]
But not here and not with these people.

It is downtown Los Angeles and once again thousands of Latinos have marched, in peace, to claim the right for illegal immigrants to stay here.

They do not want confrontation. Instead they want to influence politicians.
The protestors marched “in peace” (hitting one counter-demonstrator on the head doing so) and “do not want confrontation”, and their slogans are “inclusive and non-confrontational”. How lovely.

Santa Ana in Orange County is a more conservative place. Hispanics marched here as well but their numbers were in the hundreds, not thousands.
“A more conservative place”? Hispanics are right to be afraid of those conservative types; to which lengths could they go in order to impede protestors?

Bravely, some might say foolishly, one woman stepped up to confront them. It happened right in front of us.

When the woman had taken on everyone in sight the crowd duly booed her and moved off.
She was “duly” booed off — she got her comeuppance!

Of course, the puff piece also includes an example of those poor victims of the legal system, immigrants themselves:
It is drawing people like Freddie and Maria. Freddie lives here legally but Maria, his wife, does not.

They fear she will be deported at any time. She dreads separation from her husband and her two daughters.

They never leave the state of California, believing that crossing state lines puts them at risk of exposure.

They hardly go out. Freddie admits it is no way to live.
She could be deported at anytime and dreads separation from her two daughters and her husband, who “admits” that “it is no way to live”, all this because she has no rights as an illegal immigrant — darn American legal system!

As Peter Lanteri, director of New York’s chapter of the Minutemen, a volunteer border watch group, says: “Illegal is illegal, and they break our laws to come here”. Tell that to the BBC.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only if you lack compassion and are completely absorbed by a self-centered sense of exclusivity where you feel you are above the rest, would you find difficult to understand why other people can relate to the immigrants’ plight.

4:53 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it is interesting that the BBC never explore what is going on in Mexico. It's citizens choose to live illegally in the US under these conditions. Why? What is going on in that country? I guess we will never know. (At least as long as we listen to the BBC.)

11:16 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting - well, not really - that Matt Frei doesn't mention the slogan of the illegal immigrants: La Raza. The Race. They believe (or pretend to believe) that they are the ruling race of all the Americas. Race counts for the illegals, even if their pretensions come as a surprise to the Navajo, Arapaho, and Commanche tribes of the American southwest.


3:18 pm  

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