Monday, March 13, 2006

BBC News bias towards pro-abortion campaigners

In Abortion battle lines drawn in Mississippi, BBC News captions a photograph of anti-abortion protests as follows.
Pro-choice and anti-abortion campaigners at a demonstration in South Dakota where most abortions have been banned
The BBC refers to pro-abortion activists as they refer to themselves, that is, “pro-choice”, a loaded term implying the negative opposite “anti-choice” — sounds repressive, doesn’t it? If it refers to pro-abortion campaigners as “pro-choice”, why does it not refer to anti-abortion activists as “pro-life”, as they call themselves?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The BBC, when talking simply about Abortion, constantly use the term "Abortion Rights", as though the potential to concieve someone only to kill them was widely understood to be a basic human right. Which clearly it isn't, hence the controversy.

It's astonishing the bias of the BBC on this matter, and an interesting window into the BBC mentality.

5:23 pm  

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