Tuesday, February 14, 2006

BBC News reports Hamas’s truce, disregards Israel’s

In BBC News reports on Hamas (such as Victorious Hamas must tread carefully, Hamas urges EU not to end funding and Hamas 'ready to talk to Israel'), one can often read the following.
Hamas has largely observed a truce in its fight with Israel for the past year.
The following excerpts are taken from the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs’s 2005 Terrorism Review.
During 2005, the terrorist organizations have increased their efforts to establish infrastructures for producing mortar rounds and rockets … eight such infrastructures (four affiliated with Hamas …) were uncovered.

Hamas was intensively involved in terrorist actions throughout 2005 despite the "tahdia". Hamas was responsible for the suicide bombing at the Beersheba bus station on 28 August 2005 in which two security guards were seriously wounded. In September 2005, Hamas terrorists abducted and murdered Jerusalem businessman Sasson Nuriel.

While refraining from publicly claiming responsibility for terror attacks, maintaining the outward semblance of abiding by the "tahdia", or declared calm, Hamas assisted other terrorist groups in carrying out attacks against Israel.
In Victorious Hamas must tread carefully, Jim Muir wrote the following.
But in practice, although it carried out many suicide attacks in the past, Hamas has largely observed a unilateral truce for the past year.
Hamas announced that it was committed to a truce, though calling it “unilateral” is somewhat misleading, giving the impression that Israel has not declared a truce when in fact it has.

BBC News is eager to report that Hamas has “largely” observed a truce in its fight with Israel for the past year, yet nowhere says that Israel has, too, greatly observed a truce in its fight against Palestinians in 2005, as revealed by the following graph of the Palestinian death toll from 2004 onwards, including the deaths of militants (figures given by the Palestine Red Crescent Society).

As can be seen, the number of Palestinian deaths has greatly decreased since Israel declared a truce, though BBC News does not make this known, too busy, it seems, reporting that the Israeli death toll is the lowest in years, thanks to the truce observed by those ever trustworthy “militant” groups.


Blogger JohnM said...

I'm not sure either truce is responsible for the decline in deaths on both sides.

Maybe there is some kind of barrier that has appeared in the last few years that prevents the terrorists from getting through. Can't think of one off the top of my head though.

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