Thursday, February 02, 2006

BBC News readers’ opinion on Muhammad cartoons misrepresented

In Anger grows over Muhammad cartoon and Danish plea for calm on cartoons, BBC News selects the two following quotes from readers’ opinions expressed in Have Your Say: Should 'anti-Islam' cartoons have been published?.

We fought for freedom of religion...France Soir's owner should be ashamed
Marcel de Vries, Netherlands

Freedom of speech has its limits when it concerns others...How would it feel if Jesus Christ was the one insulted instead?
Randa Ahmed Essa, Egypt

“Cartoon row: Your reaction” being the text for the link to readers’ opinions, one would think that the above reactions are generally representative of those expressed. In reality, readers have massively recommended opinions favouring the publishing of the cartoons, with more than 50 such posts — that’s into the fourth page — being recommended over all others.

The supporters among BBC News readers of the publishing of “anti-Islam” cartoons are visibly in overwhelming majority, so is it not quite deceitful to select the opinions of two readers who are in the minority?


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